Winning Keno Numbers

Playing Keno

When players decide that they want to play keno and begin choosing their keno numbers, they must realize that they are playing a game of luck. This is a game that doesn’t have in-depth strategy involved in it. It doesn’t have any magical ways that players can beat the system or study up so that they are prepared for the games. What it does have, however, as players think about winning at keno, is a lot of heart. It’s a game that keeps moving at a pace that is as fast as players can imagine. And it’s a game that is constantly changing and building excitement. Keno is a game very similar to Bingo and it’s one that will capture the hearts of most people who sit down to think about choosing their keno numbers to have a great time. One of the beauties of this game is its simplicity. No one needs to study long sheets of explanations and no one needs to worry about not fitting in. The game is fun to play, light on the feet and exciting. It packs a fast punch and allows today's players who want instant gratification to get it. That's the type of game that it is.

Understanding the Game

The real money keno game is very simple to follow. There are some varieties including power keno and other types, but the basic game of keno is as follows. Players will see a board with eighty numbers. From these numbers twenty of them will be selected as the winning numbers. Any keno player can select up to fifteen (typically) in a round. Sometimes the player can’t pick fifteen numbers, but this is typically what players will see. The game will then randomly select twenty of the eighty and if the player selected one of the winning numbers, he’ll have a “catch” and a payout that is according to the number of balls that he’s caught. When players get to the game board they will see how much the payout is for each catch. This is a good way to get a feel for the game since it shows the player what he will achieve based on how many balls he's selected that end up being the ones that are picked. 

Warming Up

As with any game, it’s always a good idea to play in demo mode at first before jumping into real money keno. This will allow the player to be completely clear about the rules of the keno game that he’s playing and to clearly know what to expect. He can experiment with picking only one number, picking five, or picking fifteen and see how he does along the way. He can also play around with keno strategy and see what makes him most comfortable. Then, of course, it’s time to get into the action with real money keno and to see where the numbers take the players. It's often helpful to think of the game as a lot like Bingo. This allows the player to relax and to understand how the game works. The player selects spots and hopes the ball will go to those numbers. He's then paid out based on how many numbers he was correct in guessing. It's that simple.

Keno Strategy

As stated above, it is very important for players to understand that this is a game of luck. Each ball has a one in eighty chance of being the one that is picked, and that doesn’t change from game to game. There isn’t a magic bullet or a grand way to approach how many keno numbers to choose or which numbers to select. Each person has to decide for himself what he wants to do and what keno strategy he thinks will help him with winning at keno. With that said, here are a few suggestions for getting started as the balls start to spin.

Calculate the Best Chances at Keno

Playing Keno is mainly about luck but there are ways of calculating how probable your luck can be. There is not an infinite amount of configurations that can be played and also the number of options possible is not infinite. It can be worked out very easily even if you are not mathematically minded. Take a board of 80 numbers; you get to choose up to fifteen out of the 80 so in fact you have 15 out of 80 chances. A total of twenty Keno numbers from the board will be hit which is 20 out of 80 or in simpler terms one quarter of the board.

The simplest way of calculating the probability is by saying to yourself 15 out of 80 multiplied by one quarter is 4.68%. So if a player bets on all 15 Keno numbers they have a 4.68% chance of winning all the numbers. But if they choose only 10 out of the possible 80 numbers then the chances reduce significantly as they do not have as much coverage on the board. They are now only 3.12%. This is the most basic way of working out how many numbers to choose and proving that the more players choose the better chances at Keno they have.

Spread the Chances at Real Money Keno

In general, the more effort a person puts into something, the more likely he is to succeed. This goes for keno as well. The more numbers players choose the more chances they have of winning. And if they have chosen 15 numbers and on the first hit, one of these numbers comes up, and the chances are still high as they have another 14 numbers that could be chosen. But if the player would only have chosen 12 numbers to start with and one of the numbers is hit, they are only left with a choice of 11 numbers. This significantly reduces the player’s chances.

How Many Keno Numbers to Pick

With this analysis in mind for players, it is best to choose as many numbers as possible each time. It doesn't cost any more to choose all of the numbers but it does give players more chances of winning and winning greater amounts. At the side of a real money Keno screen, players will see the payout schedule and if they do not choose all the numbers then the potential wins are reduced.

Which Numbers to Select?

Once players are prepared to select all fifteen numbers, it’s time to think about the keno numbers to choose. How do they select which numbers out of the eighty to go with? Certainly, there are many ideas about this topic. Here are a few of the ideas that we have generated. Many people will create a strategy for themselves with the real money keno numbers. They will use a pattern of family birthdays, for instance, so they select 1 for January, 12 for the date and 2 for the year 2002. They can do this for as many people as they have in the family and then fill in extra numbers with other ideas. Or, they may want to start by using the first fifteen numbers, then do the next fifteen and so on. The game of keno and the keno numbers are always great fun. It’s a pleasure to experiment with the numbers in this way and to see which ones end up reaping the best rewards.

More Thoughts on Winning at Keno

There are certainly many other ways to think about keno numbers to choose. Players might want to throw in anniversaries so they have their wedding anniversary, their graduation date from high school, the anniversary of their first kiss and so on. Thinking about these events actually creates a very special feeling for the real money keno player, since it brings them back to important milestones. This is a fun way to incorporate something special from their own lives into their keno strategy. Of course, some parents will have their children pick the numbers. This is always entertaining and sometimes it will offer rewards – one never knows. They can also close their eyes and think about numbers until a number of them appear in front of their eyes.

Interview for Keno Strategy

It’s also fun to invite other people to be involved. What numbers does the morning coffee salesman enjoy? Does the plumber have numbers that he loves? Does the secretary have certain numbers that she always uses? Just keep in mind that you have to be clear with these people that this is your strategy and that any winnings that you have are yours and will not be shared. Some people also use their telephone numbers, both a house number and a cell number, to complete the keno strategy.

All of these ideas should help the person approaching the real money keno game. The keno strategy that anyone will tell players about isn’t set in stone. There is no one right way to think about keno numbers and no way to ensure that the player will be winning at keno. Certainly, knowing how many keno numbers to select and having some suggestions for how to select them can help a player to have more fun. From there, it’s important to have a positive attitude and to be ready for some great fun with keno today.

Keeping Your Head Up

It's important, as players approach keno, to undertand that this isn't a game of strategy in the true sense of the word. Any player that explains a detailed strategy for keno, or any website that wants to sell someone keno strategies, is stretching the reality. There are certainly rules that players can learn about the game and it's helpful to know the rules before beginning. Players should always know how many numbers they are allowed to pick. They should also know if there are any interesting or unusual rules or if they are playing a straight forward version of the game. Beyond this, there really aren't any other strategies or tips that can help a keno player. And no one should feel that he doesn't have his finger on the pulse and that he's being left behind by people who know more - because it's simply not true. The best advice with keno is to bet on the maximum number of balls that are allowed, to put a smile on your face, and to have a blast playing this fast-paced and thrilling game of chance.

Get the ball rolling today and see what happens. One of the things that people love so much about this game is that it feels different every round. The numbers that are selected are new and the numbers that the player picks are as well. And this creates a fresh start every time that the player comes to the game.