How Many Keno Numbers Should I Play?

Calculate your Best Chances at Keno

Playing Keno is mainly about luck but there are ways of calculating how probable your luck can be. There is not an infinite amount of configurations that can be played and also the number of options possible is not infinite. It can be worked out very easily even if you are not mathematically minded. Take a board of 80 numbers; you get to choose up to fifteen out of the 80 so in fact you have 15 out of 80 chances. A total of twenty Keno numbers from the board will be hit which is 20 out of 80 or in simpler terms one quarter of the board.

The simplest way of calculating the probability is by saying well 15 out of 80 multiplied by one quarter which is 4.68%. So if you bet on all 15 Keno numbers you have a 4.68% chance of winning all the numbers. But if you choose only 10 out of the possible 80 numbers then your chances reduce significantly as you do not have as much coverage on the board. They are now only 3.12%. This is the most basic way of working out how many numbers to choose and proving that the more you choose the better chances at Keno you have.

Spread Your Chances at Real Money Keno

It is common sense that the more you try something the more chances you have at succeeding. This basic rule follows when playing Keno also. The more numbers you choose the more chances you have of winning. And if you have chosen 15 numbers and on the first hit, one of these numbers comes up, and your chances are still high as you have another 14 numbers that could be chosen. But if you would only have chosen 12 numbers to start with and one of your numbers is hit, you are only left with a choice of 11 numbers. This significantly reduces your chances.

So whichever you look at it, it is best to choose as many numbers as possible each time. Even if you feel you are lucky, don't take the chance. It doesn't cost any more to choose all of the numbers but it does give you more chances of winning and winning greater amounts. At the side of a real money Keno screen, you will see the payout schedule and if you do not choose all the numbers then your potential wins are reduced. Always go for the big chances in life, especially if it is does not cost you more.