Power Keno

Power Keno Basics

Power Keno is played in exactly the same way as a regular game of Keno. You choose as many numbers as you want to on the grid of 80 that are available to you, up to 15. Remember the more numbers you choose the more chance you have of winning the bigger sums. If all fifteen of the numbers you choose are matched you can win 10000 times the coin bet placed. With Power Keno the added bonus is that if the 20th number i.e. the last number that is hit matched one of your numbers chosen your real money keno winnings are quadrupled. So basically you have the chance to win 40000 times the coin bet you place if all 15 keno numbers are hit and the last one hit is also one of your chosen numbers. That is quite a large potential real money win for not doing much apart from choosing some numbers!

Where to Play Power Keno

Power Keno actually originates in Australia, maybe it has something to do with their personalities. They are brash people but have a soft inside and like to leave all their chances to the last possible instant. Very similar to the feeling when playing Power Keno! Power Keno can be played at land based casinos on regular ticket vouchers and also at video Keno machines and online Keno casinos. Power Keno is widely available and since it is such an easy game to understand, it is very popular. Even mobile casinos, the latest in gaming, are adapting their Keno screens to add Power Keno as one of the options. In short if you are looking to play a game of real money Keno then it is always better to play Power Keno if the option is there for you. There is no extra cost but you do have a greater chance of winning larger amounts of real money.